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Memberships Options

DAY RATE | $5/day (no start-up fee!)

WEEK RATE | $12/week (no start-up fee!)

MONTH-TO-MONTH | $30/month (no start-up fee!)
No contract required!

AUTO PAY | $25/month: 1 year commitment – no start-up fee!
Sign up for the convenience of Automated Payment. YOU SAVE $60

YEARLY | $300/year (no start-up fee!)
(Buy 10 months get 2 FREE!!)

SPOUSE | Husband/Wife Plan: only $50/month or $500/year
Auto Pay: $41.67/month: 1 year commitment – no start-up fee!

CHILDREN | Add dependent children:
$15/month for one child – $30/month for two or more.
Add the members of your family to your own membership at Core Fitness.
Initial card-holding member must have a yearly membership in order to add family members.
(*age 14 -17 requires signed permission by parent /age 18 – 23 if full time student with appropriate school I.D.)
Auto Pay: $12.50/month: 1 year commitment – no start-up fee!

SPECIALTY PLANS | $20/month or $200/year (no start-up fee!)
No contract required!
STUDENT | Must have current High School or University ID.
SENIOR | For ages 55 and over. Must show ID.
Auto Pay: $16.67/month: 1 year commitment – no start-up fee!


Now is your opportunity to get in shape, and reach your personal, long term fitness and health goals. Work with one of our highly qualified personal trainers and get the most value out of your workouts, and your membership.

Rates and Session times vary depending on your individual needs.

See “Personal Trainer Info” for contact information and pricing.


Let our experienced instructors take your fitness to new levels of intensity and fun.

Yearly Member
$3 / Class
$15 / Month Unlimited
$15 / Month Unlimited (Auto-pay / 1 year contract)

Monthly Member
$3 / Class
$25 / Month Unlimited
$20 / 10 Class Punch Card – No Expiration Date

Non Member
$6 / Class
$8 / Class (Day pass included)
$40 / 10 Class Punch Card – No Expiration Date
$45 / Month Unlimited

See “Group Fitness” for Schedule and Descriptions


Now there is no need to worry about finding a babysitter just so you can get to the gym! While you work out in our comprehensive facility, your children will enjoy a creative, social environment of their own.

Mon-Thurs: 9am-Noon / 5:00pm-8:30pm
Fri: 9am – Noon

Sat: 8am – Noon

$3 / Visit per Family
$15 / Month per Family (Yearly Membership)
$25 / Month per Family (Monthly Membership)
$15 / Month per family (Auto-pay / 1 year contract)


Core Fitness Club is your one-stop club for all your personal image needs!

$5 / Tan (Membership Required)
$17 / 5 Tans (Membership Required) – No Expiration Date
$15 / Month (Yearly Membership)
$30 / Month (Monthly Membership)
$15 / Month (Auto-pay / 1 year contract)
$10 / Tan for Non Members (Day pass included)




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